Stay Sweet by Siobhan Vivian

Stay Sweet is out April 24, 2018. I received a review copy via my job as a bookseller, and I am grateful to the publisher for the review copy.

Stay Sweet is the kind of book I want to bring on my cruise in August. It manages to be light and summery while telling multiple stories (two girls, one boy) of coming into one’s own. This was my first Siobhan Vivian book and I didn’t know what to expect. I felt like after the (much needed) heaviness of Nowhere Girls and Moxie, this was the perfect third. Rather than talking about a girls’ revolution, Stay Sweet is about girl owned and operated business and a boy who has to decide if he will live under his father’s thumb forever, or go his own way.

There are teens who realistically learn about and operate businesses. There is a twist toward the end – really, the last few chapters especially had me fist pumping in happiness. If I had read this book as a teen, I might have been inspired to start a business of my own, and that’s really special.

If you like contemporary, you’ll love this book!


double chocolate green tea frappucino

match 1

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with Starbucks, and if you really know me, you know I am obsessed with offerings from Starbucks (and other fast food places) around the world that are not technically available in America. Usually I am too lazy/busy to gather ingredients and make things on my own but this one was so easy I had to try!

It’s a “Double Chocolate Green Tea Frappucino” and it’s technically available at Starbucks in Singapore. When I found out about it, I broke it down for a Starbucks employee on my birthday, but I don’t like asking for things that aren’t on the menu, and I used a reward to pay for it – aka I normally don’t dole out the cash for frappucinos, and I normally don’t drink them because they’re glorified milkshakes.

Anyway today I was craving this again and decided to make it myself since I had the ingredients on hand. But first, to double check if I was using the right ingredients for sure, I looked up the recipe for a green tea frappucino and came across Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking blog. There, she listed her ingredients for a matcha frappucino which you can view on her site (the link will take you directly to her recipe). Though, I did modify a little.

I added only one tablespoon of powdered sugar rather than three. I also added in chocolate chips since that’s what the Singapore drink calls for (though Starbucks uses java chips, actually).

I poured chocolate syrup on the bottom of the cup, and then on top of the frappucino. I don’t use sweetened matcha, and this is likely my “dessert” for the day. It’s so delicious. A nice treat, indeed.


I’ll be talking about this on the Coffee N Shit podcast. Stay tuned.

Songs Taylor Loves

I know to some degree most people love music. It’s a huge part of all of our lives, but over the past few years, as I’ve gained more personal responsibility and less personal free time, music has slipped through the cracks as a hobby. With graduation on the horizon, I’ve been anticipating all of the songs I’ll hear both new and old. But when I saw Taylor Swift put up a “Songs Taylor Loves” playlist I had to check it out while doing some chores yesterday. I skipped a few songs, mainly ones that were VERY country. There are quite a few bops on here though and I definitely recommend it as a “chill playlist.”

In fact I am starting from the beginning as we speak.

It’s me, Cathy. I’ve come home

I’ve been working on my Graduate Thesis which I’ll talk about over the summer when I’ve completed it. I would rather let it speak for itself when it’s done. I heard this song finally for the first time. I’ve heard of it many times but never the song itself. I despise Cathy and Heathcliff’s relationship, but in my second reading of the book, I am remember just how sad it all is. I know many have wrote about it before me, and will after me, but have they ever compared not just Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, but also “The Yellow Wallpaper,” Flowers in the Attic, and My Sweet Audrina? You tell me.

In any case, I was reading some reviews of IWuthering Heights and I completely understand how polarizing it can be. But I’m enjoying reading it again and thinking critically about it and the woman who wrote it.

Enjoy Kate.