To My Friends and Family

Since I was a young teen I would read about the west coast and dream of living here… I made it my goal and worked really hard at it and here I am. I dreamed of working for a really special (specific) bookstore (but I won’t write my place of employment here) , and I made it my goal and worked really hard at it… and here I am. Since I began working at [bookstore], I made it my goal to move up and become the Level 3 of the kids department. You can guess… I worked really hard at it and here I am.
I have been in school since the day I got to Oregon, working on my Master’s in Literature. I have worked full time the entire time, through multiple holiday seasons and there were days where I was hanging by a thread but I made school a priority equal to work and I not only passed but I passed every semester with a 4.0 – my last semester begins in a few days and I am confident I will finish with a bang when I present my Thesis on Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and V.C. Andrews. 
And then in May, life will change when I graduate, and for the first time in 23 years I will be out of school and “out in the world” completely. So naturally, everyone will have questions… what do I plan to “do”? What do I plan to “be”? What do I plan to…
I plan to take a deep breath. I plan to take the summer vacation I earned all year by working full time and completing a master’s program. It’s no easy feat. I am going on a cruise with my family and my love in August. And during the summer, leading up to the cruise… I plan to take walks, read books, lay out in the sun, drink wine, read tarot cards, journal… I plan to relearn French. Real French. I plan to write my ass off because my aspiration is to be a writer…
And after seeing how hard I have worked over the past few years to achieve my goals… the blood, sweat, and tears that went into these goals… I know I can do it. I know I can write and eventually, after submitting to places, someone will pick up my writing. Someone somewhere will believe in me and see my potential. It has happened before, and it will happen again. I will write until my hands fall off from writing and typing. And then I will get robotic hands and write some more.
And then, while I rest from my hand surgery, I will travel. I plan to travel everywhere I can with my love… at first locally, then nationwide, and eventually world wide. I see myself in Japan, France, England, Hungary, … I can write from anywhere.
Will I ever become a Professor? I hope so. I hope to teach in France, and in America… but it’s not my only love or goal. I have this new job, and I’m going to be there for quite a while. And I will build my writing career over time, doing both because if I’ve proven anything to myself it’s that I thrive when I have multiple balls in the air.
Thanks for reading.

Author: maryjanereads

i'm trying.

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