Lonely at the top, Hugh?

Hugh Hefner will be buried in the crypt next to Marilyn Monroe’s, a crypt he purchased for $75,000. Marilyn Monroe was the first Playmate, but she never posed for Playboy. When she was a young model and actress trying to make enough money to eat even one meal a day, she posed for nude photos. The intent was to purchase the rights to those photos when she had made some money, but the photographer would not sell her, the person whose body was displayed in the photos, the rights. Hugh Hefner purchased them, and used the starlet’s fame to launch his magazine. She was never paid for appearing in Playboy. She never gained the rights to her own image.  Now Hefner will be buried next to her for all of eternity. They don’t even know each other. They weren’t friends or colleagues, and she certainly never hung on his arm at the mansion. It is very sad to me that a man with money, power, fame would choose to be buried next to an unrequited crush over any of the many people he has known and loved in his life. Seems very lonely.


Author: maryjanereads

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