Saying Goodbye

I’m not good with goodbyes. In fact, I avoid them at all costs. I always run away right before the end. This is going to sound dramatic. But Pretty Little Liars changed my life. When I first saw the books in my local Target, I avoided them, The premise seemed interesting but in the moment I was turned off by the covers with the dolls (which I now have grown to love). I couldn’t tell who they were meant for. But when I was nineteen, life got derailed a little bit. I came home from college after being severely bullied to the point of suicidal thoughts. My parents were divorcing, I quit my job but it felt like I lost it, and I was lonely and bitter and tired. I bought the first book, even though I was trying to stretch my money. The books was impossible to put down. The narration was impeccable, fast paced, hooking. The characters were like celebrities. They truly came alive on the page. I went back to the store and bought the rest of the available books in the series. After that , I preordered every book as they came out.

My grandmother was also my savior at that time (and always). I stayed with her for days and weeks, and at night I would turn in early to read my beloved books. Not since Harry Potter had I been so enthralled with a series. I am a lover of all books, not a chooser of favorites. When I found out PLL was going to be a show I was worried. How would they manage to convey these characters I loved so much, and the plot I held so dear? I tuned into the pilot and I haven’t tuned out since.

The show has been equally paradise and hell for me. One thing they certainly did get right was keeping the essence of the characters while adapting and growing them for the show. The TV plots weaved between from-the-book and brand new, the twists and turns were shocking. Could they do this on ABC Family? Could they do that?

Characters lived longer on the show than in the books. New characters were introduced. It all felt canon. It all felt right.

And then there were the disappointments. Sometimes the show dangled too many questions and gave no answers. The mystery, having been extended over more than 100 episodes, was getting more tangled and harder to figure out. Plot holes were around every corner. Yet so many of us stuck with it.

I discovered the tumblr community. The theories, the youtube videos. I had discussions with friends, taking notes as I watched each episode for future talking points.

2 weeks from today it is all over. There are 3 hours left, and one special. I am ready. I am not ready. I am ready to cry. In fact, I cried twice this morning. I’m an emotional gal. I cannot wait for the end. But mostly I am grateful for netflix and hulu – as long as they host the show, I can rewatch it, over and over. To comfort me when I’m in pain,


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2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye”

  1. I haven’t read the books, but I got into the show at a really bad point in my life. I had just moved away from my family, I was struggling to make ends meet, and here was this show where LITERALLY EVERYONE IS PRETTY and it gave me something to focus on.

    That being said, I definitely lost interest in the show recently. I don’t have cable, so I can only watch the season that’s on Netflix and I’m not even caught up on that. I think every time a new season comes out I feel compelled to re-watch the entire series (then again, maybe I should do that, I’ve been pretty meh on Netflix lately).

    Do you recommend that I read the books though? I bought the first one ages ago, but I’m horrible about getting into a series (plus, I mean, money, who has that? not me).


  2. i personally love the series. i DID read it when i was 19-22ish so i don’t know how mature it is (or if it’s problematic really, because I was not as ~woke~ as i am now). But if you’re down with the show, or have been, then I think you’d like the books. I do recommend finishing the show also and (this may change as the series finale is in 2 weeks) as someone who has watched every season more than once or twice, I think you could start at 3 instead of one. Even though every season connects, and all of the A stories connect, the first 2 seasons are on A, and 3-5 are another A. The current season is 7.


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