Cat Marnell Murders Her Life.

I have wanted to read Cat Marnell’s memoir since I heard it was being published. I have not followed her for her whole career but I find her fascinating and tragic. Her memoir, How to Murder Your Life, succeeds in all of my required categories for a good read. She is a good writer, or at least has a great editor. Her voice is wholly original, only anecdotes which add to the narrative are present, meaning any incoherence or extraneous stories are missing. Cat leaves the reader wanting more, leaving room for potential sequels.

I am deliciously jealous of the opportunities she had as a beauty editor, ruined by her addict disposition. She describes her drug use matter of factly, not romanticized, sensationalized, or underplayed. HTMYL makes me want to read everything Cat has ever published, and give her a hug.