The Red Car

If you’re a writer, you have lots of random influences from other books, movies, songs, et cetera. It would take forever for me to explain to you how many influences I have, and you to me. One of my top five influential fiction writers is Marcy Dermansky. Her writing is clipped and functional, focused around her narrative and not prose, and this is just what I need after studying Fitzgerald for the past few weeks. His language blows me away, his stories capture my heart, but sometimes you need a break. Marcy Dermansky’s books give me a break, but not because they aren’t thought provoking or surreal. They are. I think that her style lends for easy reading of hard subject matter. Her characters are typically women who are bold, immature, and finding themselves for real, for the first time. In her debut novel Twins, Dermansky led us into the world of teen twins Chloe and Sue. I read this story after reading her sophomore effort, Bad Marie. I remember being struck by how different the subject matter was, while the quality and voice of the writer remained. 2016’s The Red Car is no different. I slipped back into reading Marcy’s work like a lavender scented bath robe and read about Leah’s literal and figurative journey like my life depended on it. I was not disappointed. As long as Marcy keeps writing, I will keep reading.

Now that I’ve read all of Marcy’s books I must patiently wait for the next. My TBR certainly will keep me busy.
I also truly recommend Megan Abbott’s book Dare Me, if you’ve already read Dermansky and enjoyed her – or if you’ve read Abbott and enjoyed her then I would try Dermansky.


modern poetry

Poetry is becoming less of an art and more about skipping a line while mid-sentence. A customer once told me if it doesn’t rhyme, it isn’t poetry. I disagree. However, i do think there is a thin line between what constitutes as poetry and what is really just writing what you feel is an insightful paragraph or sentence and breaking it up with space.

Tumblr is an amazing website that I love to waste time on. I go on there for hours (hours I could be spending reading, writing, or cleaning, or sleeping, but that’s a whole other issue I plan to address with myself!) and reblog (share), like, and scroll. Many popular poets of the 2010’s got their start on Tumblr, and have gotten book deals for their poems. I spoke in one of my previous posts about how instead of complaining “I could do that….” I would start actually doing “that.” The thing is, I did do this, we all did, when we were in middle school. It is time to grow up. If you’re a poet, show it. Study poetry, and show that there is more to poetry than fake insight and blank space on the page.

A poet I think is really killing it out there is Clementine Von Radics. She is one of the aforementioned Tumblr famous poets, but she also founded her own press, Where Are You Press. I would really love to be friends with her because she writes openly and honestly about her life as a woman, a former teen girl, and a girl with real struggles. Not just blank space, but substance. Check her out if you are into poetry and want to try something modern.