the girl on the train, paula hawkins: book review

so i finally got off my ass and read the girl on the train, hawkins’ psychological thriller. this book has been constantly compared to gillian flynn’s gone girl, a book i thoroughly enjoyed, so i wasn’t sure about this one. after reading, i can see where the comparisons come from, but i don’t really agree with them. the villain in this movie is different, and i’m actually not sure that i like that.

so the simplest synopsis i can give of this novel is that rachel rides the train every day past her old house, capturing glimpses of her past and he delusions. eventually, she becomes entangled with the people on her old block – some she’s known for a long time, some she is about to get to know.

what i liked about rachel’s character is that she grows as a character, she is far from perfect, and… i can’t say anything else because i’d spoil the book for you.

i enjoyed the first 2/3 of this novel, but at the end, i was tempted to put the book down and google the ending.  i likely won’t see the movie but whether i do or don’t, i hope they change the ending. i was a little bit let down.


overall, 6.5/10.

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