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my biggest fear:
my author bio will always read that i
live in a suburb with my husband and children
and dog.



Dear old best friends,

People I spent precious moments of my life with,

People I loved dearly,

Stared into your eyes,

Told you my deepest darkest secrets,

Opened up to you,

You opened up to me,

We were so innocent

And naïve,

And we let it all go by without appreciating the moments

The good times,

I let the sadness get in the way

The betrayal

In the heart of a teenage girl means so much more than

What it would mean now as an adult

It is immature to keep holding on,

To keep letting you hurt me,

To keep letting me hurt me by dragging it on

Walking through the coals

Of dark hearts and wasted youth

So I release you

Into the wild

Where you belong

On your own soul searching adventure

As I am on mine

And hope that one day

When we’re ready

We meet once more on the sunlit path

And embrace.